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Let Kindness Blow You Away

Kindness is a Kite String written by Michelle Schaub and illustrated by Claire LaForte, published by Cardinal Rule Press.

This cheerful book shows how kindness spreads throughout the day as soon as the sun rises. Told in delightful rhyme and illustrated with a diverse cast of characters, Kindness is a Kite String will captivate children and show them simple acts of kindness that can lead to multitudes of others.

The book also includes pre-reading exercises as well as follow-up ideas to engage readers and children into a discussion about kindness. A perfect book for pre-schoolers, it's also a great reminder to all of us of how our actions can brighten someone's day.

Imagine It!

Think about your day. Who do you see as soon as you wake up and throughout the day until you go to bed? What acts of kindness could you offer them? Could you play a game with a younger sibling? Could you draw a picture for a neighbor who lives alone? Imagine all you could do!

Think of one of the actions from your list. Imagine how that act of kindness can lead to another and another... :)

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