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Our Hearts Sit in Many Places

All the Places We Call Home written by Patrice Gopo and illustrated by Jenin Mohammed, published by Worthy Kids, Hachette Book Group.

The title, All the Places We Call Home, along with Jenin Mohammed's cover art immediately inspires a precious moment between reader and child.

Each page offers bold colors and collage-like illustrations that surround Patrice Gopo's tender, lyrical text. The result carries the story of a young girl and mother recalling memories of where they are from and where they will revisit, even if only in dreams for now.

Some of my favorite lines include:

"Mama tells me about a day that was warm like a breath in our cupped hands."

"The afternoon sun parted the shadows with streaks of gold."

"Here I'll sleep. And here I'll dream of these places that matter to me."

Ultimately, these places will intrigue and matter to the reader. We all have special places in our hearts, whether it's a neighborhood across town or across an ocean. Readers will truly enjoy traveling through the pages of All the Places We Call Home.

Imagine It!

Whether you've lived in the same place all your life or moved great distances and several times, we all have special places that mean something to us and to the people in our families.

The young girl in this story and her mother cherish the places they call home and "visit the memories."

What places do you consider part of you and your "home?"

The main character points to places on a globe. Could you find a map or a globe to find the places that are important to you?

Make a list or draw pictures of what each place means to you.

Is there a place that means something special to you or to your family where you've never been? Imagine going!

Imagine the memories you could make.

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