Imagination Prompts

How would you continue the images below with your own drawings or in your own words? (Remember to turn on the sound for videos.) 


Comment continueras-tu ces images-ci en dessin ou en mots? (Souviens-toi de mettre le son pour les vidéos.)

What words come to mind when you look at this palm tree? Maybe "tall" or "green" or "big sky"... What words come to mind that aren't visual? What does the bark feel like? Is there a particular smell? Do you hear the branches sway in the breeze? Now, look very closely t...

I've always thought it would be amazing to play hide-n-seek at Chambord castle in France... especially with the staircase designed by Leonardo Da Vinci! He did it in such a way so that one person could be going up and another person could be going down, and yet they wo...

Write a short story, poem, or even write and create a postcard using the following images as inspiration...

Ecris une petite histoire, un poème ou bien écris et dessine une carte postale en étant inspiré(e) par les images suivantes...

While out hiking with your best friend, you lose your path. Finally, you spot a village where you could find help. But you and your friend disagree on the best and safest way down the hill. Which way do you each want to go? What are the dangers involved in each way? An...

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May 13, 2019

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