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Contact me and I will be very happy to send you activities from my Educator Packets for my Early Reader books.

Hello! ​

If you like words -- their spellings, their sounds, how they stand side by side or stop behind a period. or a question mark? or skid across a dash-, then...

If you like images -- drawings, paintings, comics, photographs, ones that frolick on films or stand as statues, or wake up in your sleep, then...

If you like moving -- running, skipping, jumping, swaying, in a car or in a boat or on a plane, or even sitting still imagining where you might go, then...

If you like meeting new people -- in your neighbourhood or in school, in new countries and familiar ones, in books for children and teens and adults, then...

We have quite a bit in common. 

But if not, that's ok too. :)