I and my books have been out and about... from Texas to Italy to Belgium, and a few places in between.

News & Events will keep you up to date of what's going on. If you'd like information on inviting me to your school, library, or homeschool group, let's Be In Touch.

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My second Early Reader is here! 

Besides Early Readers, I write picture books (in prose and in verse), PB biographies, and middle grade novels. My very first published works were poetry.

Read more about Dragon Amy's Flames here.

Hello! ​

If you like words -- their spellings, their sounds, how they stand side by side or stop behind a period. or question mark? or skid across a dash-, then...

If you like images -- drawings, paintings, comics, photographs, ones that frolick on films or stand as statues, or wake up in your sleep, then...

If you like moving -- running, skipping, jumping, swaying, in a car or in a boat or on a plane, or even sitting still imagining where you might go, then...

If you like meeting new people -- in your neighbourhood or in school, in new countries and familiar ones, in books for children and teens and adults, then...

We have quite a bit in common. 

But if not, that's ok too. :)


Feel free to explore my website and read more About ME.

It's so fun to make up unique places or even worlds, as well as people and situations and dialogue. But, sometimes, it's hard to know where to start. An Imagination Prompt can be helpful to know where to go. See if there's one that speaks to you and have fun!

Activities for Home and School

Looking for something fun to do?

Contact me and I will be very happy to send you activities from my Educator Packets for either or both of my books.