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Critique and Editorial

Who am I?

 Children's book author

Member of SCBWI

Published poet

What are my experiences?

Editor-in-Chief of an online magazine

Freelance editor and writer

for companies, organizations, & magazines 

SCBWI critique group leader 

No matter where you are on your writer's journey, it is a privilege to join you. 

Here are some reviews from clients...

I’ve had several critiques with Michelle, including critiques for my debut PB. She always gives great feedback that’s honest, thorough, and encouraging. She asks thoughtful questions and gives detailed notes in line edits that are constructive without being negative. Along with comments, she gives concrete examples and suggestions. I always come away with many actionable ideas to make my story better.

— Beth Charles, PB Author, How To Grow an Apple Pie (Albert Whitman & Company)

Michelle provided very thoughtful and insightful comments that were invaluable in fine-tuning my manuscript before it went out on submission. In particular, she made a suggestion about the style that solved a problem raised by other expert readers. Thank you, Michelle!

— Katie Furze, Children’s Author

Michelle is an invaluable and keen editor. She sees both the forest and the trees -- always addressing the big picture of a story along with the little details that make a story resonant and unique. I'm impressed by how quickly Michelle can spot an issue and offer myriad solutions for revision. She genuinely cares about every story and every author she meets, treating each one with respect and offering the best critique to suit. I've come to rely on Michelle's feedback so much it is foundational to my revision process.

— Sarah Kim Choi, PB Author 

Michelle and I have been critique partners for several years and I always appreciate the time and thoughtfulness that she gives to considering how I can improve my work. Her comments on anything from a very rough first draft to a final story are always given honestly, thoroughly and in an encouraging way. My stories have definitely improved through my partnership with Michelle and I'm delighted that so many writers will be able to benefit from her insights and experience by using her new critique service.

— Catherine Friess, aspiring PB author & blogger at Story Snug

Michelle has an exacting eye that can turn humdrum sentences into great sentences. The tone of her critiques is always positive and encouraging. She loves strong images and stories and the challenge of finding just the right word. She is highly professional and a true pleasure to work with.

— Karen de Foy, aspiring children's author, MG

Michelle Nott is an experienced, reliable, thoughtful editor. On top of that, she’s a pleasure to work with. If you’re looking for specific and constructive criticism in order to improve your manuscript and get it ready for submission, I highly recommend her services.

— Mayra Calvani, YA and PB Author

Over the years, I've worked with Michelle on several projects, and have always found her comments and suggestions invaluable. When she critiqued the manuscript of my historical novel "Rossio Square N.°59" ("Praça do Rossio, N.°59"), her input was crucial as I sought to identify plot holes, pacing and motivation issues, and places where character development sorely needed improvement. On a more micro level, she also pointed out problems of clarity, word choice, description, and chronology. One of her strengths, in my opinion, is her technique of asking questions that guide authors toward revisions that make their stories more complex, more layered, and ultimately more satisfying for the reader.

— Jeannine Johnson Maia, Author of Rossio Square N.°59


Please email me with the service you need at 

(Subject: Critique Service).

Here's How it Works

After I receive your email, I will reply with an available timeline.

If that date works for you, I will send an Agreement to be signed by

both parties and an invoice.


Upon receipt of the signed Agreement and payment, I can confirm you

on my calendar.

Thank you! 

If you have a quick question, feel free to email me at 

(Subject: Author Question).

If I don't have an answer, I'll be glad to point you in the right direction.


I believe the world is a better place when great books are published!

Let's get writing!

* Please remember that publishing is a highly subjective business and that I cannot guarantee your manuscript's success in the current market. 

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