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Hello! ​

If you like words — their spellings, their sounds, how they stand side by side or stop behind a period. or a question mark? or skid across a dash , then...

If you like images — drawings, paintings, comics, photographs, ones that frolick on films or stand as statues, or wake up in your sleep, then...

If you like moving — running, skipping, jumping, swaying, in a car or in a boat or on a plane, or even sitting still imagining where you might go, then...

If you like meeting new people — in your neighbourhood or in school, in new countries and familiar ones, in books for children and teens and adults, then...

We have quite a bit in common. 

But if not, that's ok too. 



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"Comforting as hugging a beloved stuffed animal."
Kirkus Reviews
"A patient and well-paced story of love, friendship, loyalty, and change. Young children with their own comfort objects will easily relate to Teddy."
School Library Journal
The poetic language, gorgeous pencil and pastel art, and the sweet love between the child and the stuffed animal makes this a precious story."

Youth Services Book Review

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