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A Book About Finding and Sharing the Courage to Create Positive Change

Walkout written by Tina Shepardson and illustrated by Terry Sirrell, published by Clear Fork Publishing.

We can all agree that children should be safe, whether at home or at school. But with so many opinions coming from friends, parents, teachers, and community, it is tough to always know what to do. It is even more difficult for a child to know if or how they should make their voices heard.

Walkout is a perfect story to promote discussions on tough subjects like school violence, but also could be helpful to start a dialogue on many other subjects that affect our communities.

Maddie wants to join the school walkout even though it’s only for the big kids, but her friend Stella is afraid of getting in trouble. Readers will appreciate how these two friends listen to each other and give each other the time and space they need to decide when and how to take action, or not.

Additionally, Terry Sirrell’s colorful illustrations and diverse cast of characters invite readers into the narrative in a fun and welcoming manner.

Imagine It!

There are lots of ways to get involved in issues that are important to you – whether it’s to get a bigger variety of foods in the cafeteria or for a much bigger problem like how to be as safe as possible at school.

Imagine your talents.

Do you speak well in front of others?

Do you have neat hand-writing?

Do you spell well?

Do you draw really well?

Now, imagine how you can use your talents to make your voice heard and create a positive difference in your community.

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