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A Book to Get Everyone Moving!

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

From Here to There: Inventions that Changed the Way the World Moves

written by Vivian Kirkfield and illustrated by Gilbert Ford, published by HMH.

I was fascinated by the lives and inventions showcased in From Here to There. Vivian's talent in describing complex ideas into accessible language is apparent in every chapter. I particularly appreciated that she never left out the moments when everything seemed to go wrong (my favorite ingenuity coming from Bertha and Karl Benz's chapter). It's so important for all readers, young and old, to see how much hard work and determination is required to reach one's dreams. Mistakes are bound to be made. Miscalculations are bound to happen. And, sometimes, things explode! But none of these successful inventors ever gave up.

Imagine it:

Which invention would you expand on to make even better? What would you change -- the color? the shape? the size?

What would result if you could combine certain inventions?

Do you have a brand new idea that hasn't been invented yet?

Draw a picture or write out your plan.

Be creative!

All the clever people in From Here to There certainly were! :)

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