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A Breezy Beach Read

Maya's Treasure written and illustrated by Laurie Smollet Kutscera, published by Peter Pauper Press.

What a perfect read for the summer. If you can't escape to the beach, this story will take you there with its beautiful words and illustrations. Laurie Smollet Kutscera introduces readers to Maya, her sister Alita, and their grandmother who has taught them the family tradition of making jewelry with washed up seashells.

As we know, beauty is subjective. So, when Alita throws the "ugly" shells back, Maya collects them herself. Although it's not obvious what will become of them, a very special turn of events proves these abandoned shells more than beautiful, seemingly magical, and capable of benefitting the entire seaside village!

Imagine It!

Shells can be strung on a string or glued to boxes or even sit as decoration in a bowl on a table.

Imagine other ideas for shells.

And is there something you enjoy collecting? Maybe shells like Maya or perhaps rocks or sticks or fabric. It could be anything!

What do you usually do or make with your treasures?

Imagine what else you could do with them. Is there another possibility that could be even more special to you or to others?

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