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A Comforting Legend for Difficult Moments

The Legend of the Storm Goose written and illustrated by Fiona Halliday, published by Page Street Kids.

Fiona Halliday's lyrical text and breath-taking images come alive from stormy sea to calm rest and recovery.

Erin's Papa is off to sea, but she is reassured of his return because of the protective storm goose he always recounts in his stories. After a particularly bad storm, and still waiting for Papa, Erin and Nana rescue a bird tangled in a net. The injured bird couldn't possibly be the same courageous storm goose... how could it be?

As days go by, Erin starts to believe and hopes that helping the bird heal will help it strengthen to go find Papa. But even more time goes by. By the time the bird recovers, Erin understands and accepts that Papa is not coming home, and that the storm goose came ashore exceptionally to help her heal from the loss.

The language in The Legend of Storm Goose gently holds the reader through the turbulence of Erin's emotions, from confidence to worry, to doubt, and eventually to healing.

Imagine It!

Stories are special because they can reflect and/or prepare us for emotional journeys, with every page turn or with each spoken word.

When we are sad, we may turn to reassuring or funny stories.

When we are feeling weak or small, we may turn to stories that bring us courage and validation.

Imagine a friend or family member or a fictional character experiencing a challenge that causes difficult emotions. What sort of story do they need? What sort of character (human, animal or otherwise) could help them feel better or stronger?

Imagine what that character could say or do empower or to console the first person you had in mind.

Write a short story or draw a picture (or do both, like Fiona Halliday) to create a legend that someone could remember during hard times.

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What a beautiful, heart-filled book! Thanks for the ideas for sharing this picture book.

Michelle Nott
Michelle Nott
Feb 25, 2022
Replying to

My pleasure. I'm so glad you like the ideas. :)

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