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A Delightful Spark of Imagination!

Out of the Box written by Pippa Chorley and illustrated by Danny Deeptown, published by Marshall Cavendish Children.

If anyone needs some inspiration to get their imaginations running wild, this is the book to do exactly that!

Days before her birthday, Sam has plenty of ideas when Granny says, "I’d like to get a special gift. That’s perfect for your day." In delightful rhyme, Pippa Chorley tells the story of young Sam who gives her granny lots of options only to receive a box of string, wooden poles, and a sheet. Like the reader will, she wonders what she would ever do with all that. She and the reader are equally surprised by the events that follow.

Danny Deeptown's playful artwork further pulls the reader into Sam's imagination and fantastical worlds, from outer space to pirate ships on the high seas.

Imagine It!

With a friend or by yourself, find a box. Then, fill it with three random objects or ask someone to pick three things. If you are with a friend, fill your boxes then exchange them.

No matter what you find, IMAGINE what you could do with those "gifts."

Could you build a house or a castle with them? Could you build a mode of transportation with them? Could you use them as tools to build something extraordinary from your own imagination? Maybe they inspire an entire story!

Write a story, create a comic strip, or simply draw pictures of all the creative ways you could use the objects you receive.

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