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A Little Cat with a Big Heart

Miss Meow written and illustrated by Jane Smith, published by West Margin Press.

Pretend play is such a great way for children to explore all aspects of themselves. Obviously, the little girl in this story feels most herself when acting like a cat. She likes eating out of a dish, licking herself instead of taking a bath, and purring on the couch at story time with her mama and little brother.

Like many children and cats, she can be very territorial and possessive. So, when she discovers her play mouse ripped up, she pounces! Her emotions elevate from surprise to anger and to complete frustration which leads to many more mishaps. Readers will relate to how our emotions can run away from us, cause us to accuse innocent people, and settle again once the real villain is discovered. Without spoiling the ending, I will say that she shares more in common with the perpetrator than she, or the reader, expected.

Imagine It!

Imagine you could be any animal! How would you move, speak, or eat? Would you live with lots of others or on your own? Would you live outdoors or indoors? What would be your most favorite thing in the world?

Now, like in Miss Meow, imagine someone taking your favorite thing in the world! How awful!

If you were your pretend animal self, how would you react?

If you were just you, how would you react?

Find a friend and act out each scenario.

What are the similarities? What are the differences?

Which is your favorite and why?

Draw a picture or write a story about what happened. For more activities, follow this link.

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