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A Passover Adventure

Pippa's Passover Plate written by Vivian Kirkfield and illustrated by Jill Weber, published by Holiday House Publishing.

In a rush to find her seder plate before sundown, Pippa ventures all through the forest, meeting a variety of creatures along the way.

"Quiver! Quaver!

Shiver! Shake!

Cats make Pippa cringe and quake."

In delightful rhyme and onomatopoeia, Vivian Kirkfield tells the story of Pippa Mouse who readers meet preparing for Passover. The cleaning is done, the stew is simmering, and the table is set, but Pippa can't find her seder plate! After checking all over the house, she forces herself to venture outside and ask for help... not easy for a little mouse who is afraid of the bigger creatures in the forest.

Jill Weber's bright and cheerful illustrations, in a combination of gouache and crayon, bring the reader on Pippa's journey as she moves past her fears, makes friends, and finds her special seder plate (in a very unexpected place) in time to host a memorable Passover.

Imagine It!

The final page illustrates Pippa's seder plate with traditional Passover foods.

Special meals always taste best when shared with friends and family. At first, Pippa hesitates to talk to the other animals. But then she approaches them gently (petting the cat, offering a daisy chain, etc.) and makes a new friend each time. Her efforts result in a wonderful Passover celebration.

Imagine someone whom you might fear a little bit (real or imaginary). Maybe a classmate is often in a bad mood or a sibling is grouchy early in the morning or a neighbor complains if anyone gets near his lawn.

Imagine how you could approach that person gently like Pippa did.

Imagine inviting them for a lunch or for a party.

Write a story or poem or draw a picture of everyone around a seder plate or at any other special occasion with special food.

Imagine how fun it would be... all together.

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