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A Perfect Read for National Library Week

The Librarian's Stories written by Lucy Falcone and illustrated by Anna Wilson, published by POW!

The Librarian's Stories demonstrates how words and stories can lead us out of fear and into hope.

Inspired by The Cellist of Sarajevo, Lucy Falcone gently recounts a story during wartime. When a library is destroyed and the people only come out of their homes for necessities, a brave librarian insists on reading aloud outside on a bench. The people eventually begin to listen as they pass by or from their windows or doorways. Even when the soldiers march through town, the librarian remains with her stories.

Anna Wilson depicts the events with great care by using a combination of bright and darker tones. Favorite images include those where letters are blown around the sky and when eventually they find their place in ordered words -- showing their power and resilience!

Imagine It!

Sometimes life can be scary. Sometimes we can't play with our friends as much as we'd like. Sometimes we have to stay in our homes more than we'd like. But, books have a way of taking us somewhere else. Think of your favorite book and imagine where you could sit and read it aloud to help yourself and someone else feel better.

If you can't think of a book that already exists, imagine a story that could bring you or someone else happiness and hope. Where would your story take place? Who would be the main character(s)? What would they do -- Slay a dragon? Paint a rainbow? Adopt a lost puppy? Your only limit is your imagination.

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