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A Priceless Story

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

A Penny's Worth written by Kimberly Wilson and illustrated by Mark Hoffman, published by Page Street Kids.

For anyone who questions their worth, if they even matter to someone else, this is the story for them. Kimberly Wilson's hilarious text will have readers torn whether to laugh or cry as they empathize with Penny's self journey to feel as worthy as all the other money in the world.

Readers will also meet...

A dollar bill with a country drawl: “Sorry, partner, it takes a hundred of you to do what I do.”

A quarter who surfs video games: “Slots can be gnarly [...] Surf at your own risk.”

Wilson is a master of voice from narration to characterization, and her puns are brilliant!

To further enhance this fun and heartwarming story are the lively illustrations by Mark Hoffman. He does a skillful job of portraying the movement and mayhem Penny experiences throughout the city, from getting stuck in gum to swinging on a shoelace to getting entirely too close to the sewer grate.

Although obviously fiction, readers will learn more about money from the fun facts and bibliography in the back matter.

Imagine it!

Where do you usually find coins lying around? How did they get there?

Imagine the day in the life of one or many coins. Where have they been? What did they buy? Where did they go? Were they given as change after a payment? Were they left as a tip (and for what service)?

Imagine the people who handled the same coins throughout the day.

Write a story or draw a picture or even act out with a handful of coins how cents can add up and influence someone's day... for better or worse.

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