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A Story that Shouldn't be a Secret Anymore

Bartali's Bicycle, The True Story of Gino Bartali, Italy's Secret Hero written be Megan Hoyt and illustrated by Iacopo Bruno, published by Quill Tree Books, an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

Although widely celebrated as a champion cyclist, Gino Bartali was much more. Bartali used his strength and speed to overcome fear and obstacles while working for the Resistance during World War II. Despite the risks of such work, he managed to save over 800 Jewish lives. Bartali never spoke of his adventures because he believed that "[s]ome medals are pinned to your soul, not to your jacket." But his story is worth knowing and can serve as an inspiration to us all.

Megan Hoyt's literary style and Iacopo Bruno's art combine to captivate readers and bring them into Bartali's life, surrounded by the atmosphere and setting of Italy in the 1940s.

Imagine It!

Bartali loved to ride his bicycle. He got so good at it that he won many bicycle races, even the Tour de France twice! Winning could have been enough, but he chose to use his skill to make a positive difference in the world.

Name one of your talents. Now, imagine using that talent in a different way. Imagine it as a super power, the way Bartali's talent became his power. How could that help make the world be a better place?

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