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A Story to Help Heal

Addy's Cup of Sugar, Based on a Buddhist Story of Healing written and illustrated by Jon J Muth, published by Scholastic Press.

Re-imagined in gentle prose and calming watercolor, John J Muth's story invites his readers along on a young girl's journey of healing after the death of her cat.

One of the hardest emotions after a tragedy is the feeling of loneliness, particularly of being alone in one's grief. And so, Addy seeks solace from her wise friend Stillwater. As any good teacher will do, he sends her on a journey of self-discovery and realization. She learns that loss is a common experience and that we can empathize with other's sorrow and not feel alone in our own.

Imagine It!

As Addy ventures out to find an ingredient for the recipe that will bring her cat Trumpet back, the illustrations show him with her in spirit -- in the grass, in the clouds, wherever she is remembering him along the way.

Have you ever lost a pet? Or do you know someone who has? Imagine where this lost loved one shows up in their or in your thoughts -- while running in the backyard or at the park? making dinner? snuggling into bed at night?

Imagine the sight of the pet's spirit in those or other places. Could you draw or paint a picture of it? Could you write a description of it? Could you express it in a song?

Our imagination can recreate memories to help us feel less alone.

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