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A True Gift of Friendship

Nila's Perfect Coat written by Norene Paulson and illustrated by Maria Mola, published by Beaming Books.

Author Norene Paulson has written an endearing story that perfectly illustrates the difference between what we need and what we want.

We've probably all had a moment in a store when an item catches our eyes, and we feel we just have to have it! And so, in Nila's Perfect Coat, readers will relate to Nila's excitement going shopping with her mother and finding the "perfect" coat. But her current coat still fits. The zipper sticks a bit, but it still works. The trim may be worn, but it does still keep her warm.

When her mother tells her she doesn't need a new coat, she remembers her birthday money from her dad and returns to the store with him. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Nila, one of her classmates' families is going through a hard time. Nila realizes her friend doesn't just forget her coat every day, but that she doesn't have one.

In an act of friendship and community, Nila decides what she needs and wants to do.

Illustrator Maria Mola's color palette is warm and inviting with a diverse cast of characters.

In addition to back matter that explains how to participate in and to organize coat drives, the author is partnering with to promote the book and the need for winter coats. Having grown up in a very cold, snowy northern climate, I remember seeing too many people without coats and, as child, not knowing how to help. I'm so glad a book like this now exists for young readers.

Imagine It!

Considering all the ideas covered in the back matter of Nila's Perfect Coat, I would like to imagine readers taking one small step towards helping get coats to people who need them by following one of the suggestions to donate or to organize a coat drive.

If that's not possible, let's imagine sharing this review and this book with friends and family. Awareness is a great first step!

Imagine the impact!

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