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All the Faces of Science

Who is a Scientist? written by Laura Gehl and published by Millbrook Press, an imprint of Lerner Publishing Group, Inc.

I absolutely love the way Laura Gehl introduces readers to a variety of scientists. Not only are the specific science fields showcased, but also the diversity of people who choose to be scientists.

Lively photographs feature each scientist doing not only their work, but also what they enjoy in their free time. Readers will surely find one, if not many, who share their similar interests: surfing, playing soccer, dancing, riding a motorcycle, to name a few. To get to know these scientists even more, readers can scan a QR code to watch a video of them.

Gehl makes these professions fascinating and accessible to children while inspiring them to ask what kind of scientist they may want to be.

(Honestly, I wasn't very interested in my science classes growing up, but a book like this would have really excited me!)

Imagine It!

Imagine what kind of scientist you could be. The back of this book provides a flowchart for you to discover what scientific field may be a good fit for you.

Imagine you are that scientist! Imagine a page about you in this book!

Find photographs or draw a picture of your favorite activity outside of school. Then find photographs or draw a picture of what you would look like researching in your chosen scientific field.

Fill in the blank: "Who is a scientist? This is a scientist. (Your name) is a (type of scientist)."

Alone or with help, write a short paragraph about your favorite activities and another paragraph about what you imagine you might do as a scientist.

Imagine something else... If you prefer, you can always do this activity about a friend or a classmate and what kind of scientist they may want to be. Or, maybe you know a scientist! You can do this activity about them also.

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