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Ambitious Girls All Around

Ambitious Girl written by Meena Harris and illustrated by Marissa Valdez, published by Little, Brown, and Company.

I can't let Women's History Month go by without talking about this picture book that inspires, uplifts, and encourages girls to be ambitious and confirms that their dreams matter and can be realized... so they will make their own history!

So many girls will relate to the enthusiasm already pictured on the cover art. Marissa Valdez's colorful and inclusive illustrations continue a high energy vibe throughout Meena Harris' text.

As explained in the author's note, the idea for this book came from a comment she overheard about a woman in her family (guess who!) for being "too ambitious." Overall, the narrative shuts down any notion that girls are "too" anything and that they should be "too" everything because, as the main character exclaims, "it's empowering!"

Imagine It!

I love the full page spread of the main character climbing four big steps, each labeled "Persistent, "Assertive, "Confident," and "Proud." Below the steps is an explanation of each term.

Imagine... a time when you or someone else were persistent, assertive, confident, and proud.

Or, imagine a situation where you could be persistent, assertive, confident, and proud.

Draw a picture of four big steps leading up to the word "Ambitious" on the very top.

On each step, write about or draw a picture of the moments when you were all these characteristics of ambitious. You could do this on paper, on a poster, or even on your driveway or sidewalk with chalk.

If you can't think of any right now, that's ok! You have a big life in front of you, lots of stairs to climb up and down. Just keep in mind all you can be and that you are never "too much" of a good thing. :)

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