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Artists are Artists are Artists

Women Artists A to Z written by Melanie LaBarge and illustrated by Caroline Corrigan, published by Dial Books for Young Readers.

Male or female, artists deserve their recognition and praise. One day, we may get to the point where we don't have to differentiate between books about artists and books about "female artists." But until then, I encourage you to explore this unique ABC book that highlights some of the best talent in the art world.

Instead of listing an artist with A, B, C, etc. in her name, Melanie LaBarge highlights something unique in each artist's oeuvre. For example, the books starts by introducing readers to Mirka Mora with "A is for Angel," referencing an image she often incorporates into her work. Expectedly, readers will discover Yayoi Kusama on the page "D is for Dots." Readers get a brief description of each artist, of diverse cultures and backgrounds, from LaBarge while illustrator Caroline Corrigan expertly depicts the style of each artist on every page.

Readers will find more detailed information on each artist in the Author's Note. Furthermore, after each artist, LaBarge offers prompts for readers to experiment with the unique styles. Imagine that! ;)

Imagine it!

The author already gives lots of ways to spark your imagination. But if you're looking for even more...

Imagine being one of these artists. Create a work of art in their style.

Or, while pretending to be this artist, find one of their works of art online, print it out, and describe what colors, materials, and techniques were used and why.

Get together with friends and classmates to do this activity together, then display everyone's work.

Imagine your own gallery exhibit!

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