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Every Day is Worth Celebrating!

Every Day's a Holiday, Winnie's Birthday Countdown written by Stef Wade and illustrated by Husna Aghniya, published by Running Press Kids.

Every Day's a Holiday is a bright and jolly book full of reasons to celebrate!

Kids love their birthdays! That goes without saying. But in this delightful and informative story by Stef Wade, readers learn that while it's sometimes hard to wait for the next birthday to come around, there are more than enough celebrations to last the whole year.

As Winnie waits 362 more days until her next birthday party, she discovers that "Popcorn for breakfast was way better than oatmeal!" And National Puppy Day can make her forget to ask, yet again, when her birthday is. Finding a special occasion each day opens her eyes to experiencing a variety of holidays from many different cultures and communities.

Wade's playful text along with Aghniya's vibrant and joyful illustrations create a picture book that would be a fun addition to every school and family library.

Imagine it!

There are many sources online that list special National and International Days. You could, quite literally, have a reason for a party every day of the year.

Check out some of these sites:

Make a list of some of your favorites. Make an equal list of brand new special days you've never celebrated before.

Keep a journal of the days you celebrated, why you chose them, how you celebrated, and what you learned on those days. The journal could be in words, pictures, photographs, or any combinations.

You could even record short videos of yourself explaining and celebrating various days.

Imagine how fun the whole year could be!

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