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Family is Family is Family

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Frizzle and Me written by Ellie Royce and illustrated by Andrew McClean, published by Ford Street Publishing.

Families are as unique as the people who are in it. Ellie Royce introduces us to one type of family that seems to just grow and grow. Along with Andrew McClean's illustrated cast of characters, readers will enjoy a variety of personalities and talents. Some people are connected by blood, others are not. But the most important connection, love, is in abundance.

As the family expands, change is inevitable. But the most important constant, love, continues steady and strong. When the very newest and littlest person joins the family, the main character knows exactly how to make her feel part of the family and offers something special only he can share.

Imagine It!

Imagine a family, yours or an entirely imaginary group of people. With photographs or pictures from a magazine, gather as many people as you'd like.

Collage this family onto a piece of paper and describe how they all met. What do they like to do together? What special activities or talents do they share?

Now, imagine one last addition to the family: an adult, a baby, a pet (why not?)...anyone! What special moments would continue as always? What new moments could be shared?

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