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Friends in All Situations

My Friend! written by Kaye Diggs and illustrated by Shane W. Evans, published by Feiwel and Friends, an imprint of Macmillan Publishing.

Back-to-school time is always special. It's about catching up with school friends and making brand new friends. And with many kids going back to school for the first time since 2020, My Friend! is an excellent read-aloud book to get everyone literally jumping and dancing with each other.

Diggs' text presents a spoken-word rhythm and rhyme celebration about two best friends, from their secret handshakes to favorite games. The story equally shows that being friends doesn't always mean we agree with each other's actions. When one friend trips a classmate just for fun, the other friend doesn't allow that to go unnoticed. I love how Diggs presents a realistic and encouraging way of showing how friends can make each other better, build each other up, and make more friends along the way.

Shane W. Evans' artwork shines and animates from one colorful page to the next creating a bright and fun world where children can see themselves amongst the classmates and relate to the feelings from one scene to the next.

Imagine It!

Think of one of your good friends, cousins, siblings, or neighbors and write the first word that comes to mind. Now, make a list of as many words as you can that rhyme with that word. Try to expand them into sentences. What sort of rap can you create all about this special person?

As My Friend! shows us, being a friend is important and bringing out the best in each other is part of the deal. Imagine a scenario where you or your friend do something that is NOT ok.

Imagine how you would respond or how they might respond? Try to act out this exercise with a friend.

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