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Hearts and All Their Feelings

In My Heart, A Book of Feelings written by Jo Witek and illustrated by Christine Roussey, published by Abrams.

Although published several years ago, the content in this picture book is, and will always be, relevant. We all have hearts and a myriad of emotions, always have and always will. Jo Witek playfully describes a variety of feelings, which validates emotions for children (and adults). On one day, a heart "feels as heavy as an elephant." On others, a heart "feels full of giggles and wiggles."

Children will equally enjoy Christine Roussey's lively and colorful illustrations and the cut-out hearts that span from the cover to the last page. Although the main character is a young girl, I hope readers will also share this book with young boys while emphasizing that we all feel these emotions, they will vary depending on the moment, and they can all be considered healthy.

Imagine It!

Make a list of three or more emotions.

Now, pick a body part for each emotion -- it could be your heart or your head or your hands, anything. How do these emotions affect how your body feels? Does your heart race or slow down? Does your head pound? Do your hands sweat?

Write or draw a description of how your body feels when experiencing different emotions.

Our feelings affect us in many different ways. Some are pleasant. Some aren't. When feelings are making your body hurt, imagine something (anything, anyone, a person, place, or pet) that brings you joy. Do you feel the difference? :)

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