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If Looking for Costume Ideas or a Book that Celebrates One's True Self... :)

Marty written by Rachel Noble and illustrated by Zoey Abbott, published by Holiday House.

The wonderful team of Noble and Abbott come together again (after Finn's Feather, published by Enchanted Lion Books) to offer this delightful story about a martian who who has a knack for costumes, even if more out of necessity than out of pleasure. Although, his creativity is a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, Marty fears how we earthlings would react if we saw his true self. But Marty is like so many of us. He likes to observe his surroundings, learn new things, and laugh a lot! But his insecurity forces him to disguise himself every day. When one costume draws more attention than he bargained for, people start to wonder who Marty really is.

One friend is all Marty needs to help him feel comfortable in his own skin and to show the world his true and fabulous self... someone anyone would want as a friend.

Noble's text is perfectly tight, allowing the story to explode with lots of fun and heart through Abbott's colorful, enjoyable illustrations full of amusing details.

Imagine It!

Imagine what Marty's home planet might be like. Be creative! What's the weather like? What do martians do for fun? What do they like to eat? What kind of music do they enjoy?

Imagine visiting Marty's planet. How would you try to fit in? What would you wear? What wouldn't you wear or carry or do? Now, what parts of yourself (likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc.) could you never disguise even if you tried?

I imagine those parts would be the best and brightest parts of you... and the martians would love you for it!

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