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Inspiration and Song

Debbie's Song: The Debbie Friedman Story written by Ellen Leventhal and illustrated by Natalia Grebtsova, published by Kar-Ben.

I love stories that can empower readers, particularly children, to follow their passions and dreams and to not let anyone discourage them. Debbie Friedman is a fantastic role model. She felt music inside her from a young age and the feeling only got stronger as she grew up.

When she felt inspired to incorporate music and song into the Jewish community in a brand new way, she listened to herself and what she knew her community needed. Not everyone understood. Many people frowned upon her non-traditional songs. But many, many people did... enough to lead her to perform in Carnegie Hall!

Ellen Leventhal recounts Debbie's story in lyrical prose that sings off the page and invites readers into her world, her community, and into her faith... the faith in herself that led her to become one of the most respected and internationally celebrated Jewish singer-songwriters.

Natalia Grebtsova's colorful illustrations evoke musicality, movement, and emotion that readers of all ages will appreciate and enjoy.

Imagine It!

Debbie Friedman never formally learned to read or to play music. She taught herself what she wanted to learn.

Imagine that!

Is there a skill you would like to acquire, but have never had lessons? Or maybe lessons aren't readily available... imagine how you could learn.

Do you know a family member, a friend, or a friend of a friend who already knows and could teach you?

Can you find videos or books at the library about what you would like to learn?

Do you need materials? Where could you borrow or buy them at a discount?

Ask a grownup if they have any resources or if they would like to join you.

Imagine all you could learn... together!

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