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More Adorable Littles

Little Zebra and Little Penguin written by Julie Abery and illustrated by Suzie Mason, published by Amicus Ink.

Julie Abery continues her Little Animal series with two more adorable additions. Young children will enjoy the rhythm and rhyme of the text while relating to the early challenges these little animals face.

Little Zebra struggles to take his first steps, but is soon off and running until he is "dancing, prancing [...] without a care."

Little Penguin feels comfortable riding on Mama's feet, but he also wants to play with the other penguins. Children will understand Littte Penguin's hesitant feelings and also glee when he is finally "huddling, cuddling, cheery in the crowd."

Imagine It!

If you have a pet or if there is a pet in your neighborhood, observe how they move around in their world. Think of a word to describe what they are doing (a verb). For example, "hide." How many other words can you imagine that rhyme with that word?

After thinking of lots of words, imagine saying a sentence using as many of them as you can.

If there aren't any pets near you to observe, imagine your very favorite animal (or an imaginary animal!) and try the same exercise.

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