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Sharing is Hard!

Harmony Humbolt: The Perfect Pet Queen written by Jenna Grodzicki and illustrated by Mirka Hokkanen, published by Spork, an imprint of Clear Fork Publishing.

Harmony's stomach flutters every day when she goes to school because she has to leave her cherished plush pets at home.

So when Harmony's teacher announces that the class can bring their favorite toys to recess the following week, she's delighted! But she is also conflicted.

Harmony is very nervous to let her classmates play with her plush pets, so she writes up some rules. When those rules aren't enough, she writes up some more rules and again until no one wants to hear her rules or play with her or her pets anymore!

Jenna Grodzicki's amusing text along with Mirka Hokkanen's playful illustrations present a charming story about friendship and sharing. Children will be amused to see what one rule Harmony finally gives that makes sure everyone has a great time!

Imagine It!

Do you have a favorite object, toy, or plush pet that gives you comfort? What do you do when you have to leave it at home? How does that make you feel? How do feel when you can play with it again?

Imagine if you could take your favorite object, toy, or plush pet to school or to church or to the supermarket, anywhere. What sort of rules would you create to keep it safe? Would you have different rules for different places? What's one rule that would apply everywhere?

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1 Comment

Lindsey Aduskevich
Lindsey Aduskevich
Aug 06, 2021

Sharing is Hard looks so sweet! Looking forward to reading this one.

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