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Showing our Feelings is Sometimes the Toughest Thing We Can Do

Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too) written and illustrated by Keith Negley, published by Flying Eye Books.

There is so much to like about this book: super heroes, ninjas, pirates, and many other favorite characters. We love these guys because they are tough. But Keith Negley shows them also at their most vulnerable moments: losing a duel, missing family, feeling lost and scared. And all those moments make us love them even more!

Negley's spare text and colorful retro images showcase a variety of tough guys in a very human light, which will let the tough guys in our own lives know they don't have to be tough ALL the time.

Imagine It!

Imagine someone you would call "tough." This could be a person you know or someone in your imagination. Write a description or draw a picture of this person being strong!

Then, imagine this person having a bad day. Maybe they lost their dog, or forgot an important paper for work, or fell down and hurt themselves, or anything else you might imagine.

Now, imagine how they might feel during one of these moments. Write a description or draw a picture of this person and their emotions.

However different your two descriptions or drawings are, the person is still the same "tough guy" no matter what emotion they feel -- happy, sad, or anything in between. And so are you! :)

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