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Who wouldn't want to build their own library!?

So You Want to Build a Library written by Lindsay Leslie and illustrated by Aviel Basil, published by Capstone.

This fun and joyful picture book follows the main character as she not only dreams of, but builds her very own library. Once she finally finds the perfect spot, she grabs everything from the kitchen table to the family car to start construction. Plus, every character from her imagination comes to her aid and adds their special touch to this very special project.

Readers will naturally start to wonder what they would put in their library. Leslie's enthusiastic text along with Basil's colorful and playful illustrations invite readers into the worlds and to the friends that are so unique to some of the most delightful stories.

Imagine It!

Of course, imagine your very own library!

Where would you build it? In your bedroom, in the backyard, on the beach,... ? Imagine its shape, color, and size.

Will you have only your favorite books or will you include all sorts of books?

How would you organize your library? Would you go by traditional categories --board books, picture books, chapters books, etc. Or would you organize them by your own categories -- fairy books, dog books, books about books, ...?

In what languages would your books be written? You can have as many as you'd like!

Besides books, what might you have? (When I lived in Belgium, we had a library that also lent out toys and board games. I would definitely have that section in my library! When I lived in France, I went to a library with a cafe. I would definitely have that too!)

Draw or write up a plan for your library. Imagine how amazing it could be!

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