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"Michelle Nott’s colorful picture book story, Freddy, Hoppie, and the Eyeglasses, will certainly relate to many readers who are not aware that they might be having issues with their ability to see clearly [...] This story will help young readers accept the fact that they need to communicate with their parents if there is something that’s bothering them at school. It may be a problem with their eyesight, like Freddy, or it may be something else entirely different."

 Readers' Favorite 

"Freddy, Hoppie and the Eyeglasses is an educational and engaging story for 6-9 year olds about a boy who is having trouble with his eyesight yet isn't sure how to approach the problem or tell his mom. In order to cope with the problem, he makes up an imaginary and very cute friend frog, Hoppie, to help him...until the situation becomes so difficult that an appointment with an eye doctor is in order. This picture book, delightfully illustrated by Robert Lee Beers, invites kids to ponder and discuss with an adult about various issues that may affect some children, such as needing glasses, the meaning of imaginary friends, and even bullying. Recommended!"

 Midwest Book Review

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League City, Texas

Wavre, Belgium

On behalf of L’Ecole International Le Verseau; both teachers and children - THANKS A MILLION!  Your visit was not only fun but interesting and educational at every level. Despite “Freddie, Hoppie and the Eyeglasses” being set as an Early Reader for ages 6 to 9, our Primary 5 classes were enthralled by how you helped them wrap your story around the graphical ’structure’ that you illustrated. This really helped to reinforce the work that we do in class and the ‘important number 3’ was a new one for them and me. Thanks for that! We wish you every success and look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Kindest Regards,

Lynn Fitz-Harris

"[Freddie, Hoppie, and the Eyeglasses] sensitively tells the story of Freddy's realisation that he needs eyeglasses - an event many of its target audience will experience! Aimed at 6-9 year olds, this is a great book for children to read on their own and discuss with parents and teachers." 

 Treasure Trove Bookshop, Tervuren, Belgium

"Freddie, Hoppie, and the Eyeglasses shows a child there is a solution for what seems to be a very scary problem.  Telling a parent or teacher is the right thing to do.  The visit to the eye doctor tells the child what to expect there, and Hoppie adds a little comfort.  This book can also help children with normal vision understand the difficulties classmates might be having.  The illustrations are colorful and appealing. " 

 Carol Preidis, former elementary teacher, Ohio

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