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Events 2023-24


Bookshop Events

Speaking Events



September 6

Bird Meets Worm with Jane Smith

September 10 

The Wonder of Words with Tina Shepardson

September 19 

This Writing Life with Melissa Stoller

September 19

Miss Marple's Musings &

Perfect Picture Book Friday

with Joanna Marple

September 26 

What Was On...? with Sandra Nickel

October 3

Story Snug with Catherine Friess

October 7 

Perfect Picture Book Friday

with Susanna Leonard Hill

October 17

Writing Outside the Lines

with Ellen Leventhal

October 24

Carol Baldwin's Blog

November 15

KidLit Oasis with Rosie J. Pova

December 13, 2022

Teddy Let's Go! Book Birthday with Vivian Kirkfield


June 8 at 11:30 & 12:00

International Children's Day Celebration 

Yanni's Bistro

Matthews, NC

WBTV recording

April 6 at 9am

Bright & Early Books

Ascot, QLD Australia


March 10 at 9:30am

Betty Bookworms Storytime 

at Betty by Moxie Mercantile 

in Charlotte, NC

April 29 at 11am

Persnickety Books in Burlington, NC

August 12 at 10:30

The Story Shop in Monroe, GA 

October 21 at 11am

International Teddy Bear Day!

Surroundings in Charlotte, NC

November 17 at 9:30

Betty Bookworms Storytime 

at Betty by Moxie Mercantile 

in Charlotte, NC


November 19 at 11am

Park Road Books in Charlotte, NC

December 10 at 11am

Surroundings in Charlotte, NC

December 16 at 9:30am

Betty Bookworms Storytime 

at Betty by Moxie Mercantile 

in Charlotte, NC



February 1: World Read Aloud Day

In-person school visit

North Carolina

March 3

In-person school visit


March 4-5

Tucson Festival of Books


Writing a Picture Book: It's Not Easy with Tami Charles, Cynthia Harmony, David LaRochelle, and Judi Moreillon 


Writing Workshop

Experience a Day in Someone Else’s Paws (Ages 4-9)

Story time and signings throughout the weekend

March 6-12

Top Shelf Picture Books Seminar

Online and Free

March 7

Picture Books are for Gown-ups Too!

Podcast with Patrice Gopo

June 5

All the Feels and Then Some, a presentation on social-emotional learning and how we can incorporate emotions into our work in original ways

Recording available until 7/6/23

SCBWI Houston

June 19

Storypillar Podcast

A podcast showcasing global stories and social emotional learning skills

September 27

In-person school visit

North Carolina



November 10 

Social-Emotional Learning in Children's Books

SCBWI Benelux, online

December 13, 2022

Book Fairies First Look

Interview w/ SCBWI Carolinas

December 14

Authoring Onward

podcast with Connie B. Dowell

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