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Teddy, Let's Go!

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Comforting as hugging a beloved stuffed animal.

... about the unconditional love of a stuffed animal[, Teddy Let's Go!] will provide reassurance for anyone outgrowing a comfort object. Kazemi’s illustrations are tenderly rendered in pencil and soft, smudgy pastel and rely on a mix of panels and spreads; these cozy scenes will hold the attention of even the youngest readers. 

—Kirkus Reviews

A patient and well-paced story of love, friendship, loyalty, and change. Young children with their own comfort objects will easily relate to Teddy.

—School Library Journal

The author plays with the structure of sentences related to the art, and uses the pause between pages to build suspense or humor. The poetic language, gorgeous pencil and pastel art, and the sweet love between the child and the stuffed animal makes this a precious story.        

       Starred Review

— Youth Services Book Reviews

by Massachusetts Librarians


This is such a sweet story! [...] (Moms and Dads, I dare you not to tear up). Young readers will relate to this love for a special stuffed animal or blankie, as so many of us have had something like that, to the comfort it brings, and the love with which it is bestowed. 

—Susanna Leonard Hill

NY Times best-selling picture book author

Michelle Nott’s lyrical book of love and friendship between a teddy and a child is imbued with love. Told from the unique point-of-view of a teddy bear, made lovingly by grandmother, and gifted to a newborn baby girl, the teddy and girl grow to become inseparable friends. 
There are so many layers woven into this tender story. Nahid Kazemi’s illustrations emanate with warmth and nostalgia. The unexpectedly beautiful twist at the end moved me to tears. This poignant story already reads like the enduring classic it is sure to become.

— Shirin Shamsi

picture book author

This is a treasure of a book! The art is soft and cozy, a perfect reflection of the comfort and warmth that Teddy, a homemade stuffed bear, bring to his best friend, a little girl he calls My. While My grows, she shares her experiences with Teddy - whether it's mushy baby food or the bath to remove it, learning colors, stacking blocks, even heading off to camp! And with a tender moment at the end, author Nott shows how the friendship and comfort My has found in Teddy can be passed along to a new family member in an unselfish act of love. 
As a grown woman with a 44 year-old Bunny best friend on the bed bedside me (a bunny I loan out to my own kids when they need a little extra comfort at night), I can say that this story brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. A precious book worth sharing.

— Katey Howes

picture book author

This is a beautiful book that young children - and parents - will definitely relate to. It touched my heart [...] I love that author Nott shows us how kindness and compassion can be practiced by young children - and the glorious illustrations of Nahid Kazemi will keep readers and listeners engaged and turning the beautiful pages of this wonderful story.  

— Vivian Kirkfield

picture book author

Teddy, Let's Go by Michelle Nott, is a beautiful story in many ways. My, the main character not only has a stuffed teddy bear, but a handmade one from her grandmother. This gift of love travels with My everywhere and helps her navigate all kinds of early life challenges such as eating vegetables and going to school. Over time, she relies on Teddy's support and love less and less, after all, she is growing up little by little. But... she realizes everything Teddy has given her to help her feel loved can be shared with someone else, her new baby brother. Teddy's love and support can be cherished twice in this beautifully illustrated story.

—Tina Shepardson

picture book author

This is such a beautiful story. It feels warm, snuggly, calm and gentle throughout – perfect for bedtime reading with little ones. It has an old-world charm about it partly due to the story being written from the perspective of a teddy bear, hand-sewn by a loving Grandma, and cherished by a child. The readers journeys with the Teddy, through life’s little challenges, learning to eat, going to school and making friends, going to camp and learning to be independent. As the child grows they both realizes someone else (the child’s baby brother) may need the love Teddy offers too and we watch as Teddy is lovingly passed on and embraced by a new generation. The illustrations are as gentle and lyrical as the text. They are drawn in soft, pillow-y, pastels which almost feels dreamlike at time adding to the gentle nature of the book. The reader is ‘carried’ through the story by the words and pictures much like Teddy is carried by her owners. 

—Pippa Chorley

picture book author

This beautiful book will tug at your heart...told from the point of view of a Teddy Bear who loves life with his girl. As the years go on, their relationship grows and changes, until the lovely conclusion that comes full circle and shows the power of connection and love. The stunning illustrations perfectly complement the lyrical text. I recommend for home, school, and library connections, and as a gift for a new baby.

—Melissa Stoller

picture book author

The many details in the narration are endearing and heartwarming - and choosing to bring the bear to life as the narrator was a brilliant decision. It brings out powerful emotions [...] But the most beautiful part of all is the ending that ties it all together and brings Teddy’s story into a full circle.[...] It’s truly a feel-good book with a healthy dose of childhood nostalgia.

Ryan, "Lead Father"

Dad Suggests Bookstore

Fayetteville, AR

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