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Dragon Amy's Flames is a fun and relatable book for any young reader who finds frustration frustrating! The story of Amy, a little dragon with a big temper, normalizes the feelings that can come when things don't go your way. Readers of all ages can find comfort in Amy's experiences and even end the story with a helpful coping strategy to calm down and work through frustration tolerance. Part of enjoying life and finding success is the ability to navigate it with patience and self-care, when times are tough. Michelle Nott's book Dragon Amy's Flames is a great starter book to help children detect their frustrating experiences and proactively handle them. 

-- Sarah Choi, writer and mother

Dragon Amy’s Flames is a wonderful story for any child with big emotions, which, let’s face it- is every child!  This sweet book teaches a practical lesson in a truly entertaining way.  As a mother of two young children, and an elementary teacher, I so appreciate that.  My children loved reading about Amy, and just this morning, my six-year-old reminded my three-year-old to count down when he was mad that we weren’t having chocolate for breakfast. LOL.  Such a great book! 

-- Ashley L. Abramson, 5th grade teacher at Stanley Elementary School, Katy, TX

"Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Dragon Amy’s Flames is a work of children’s short fiction penned by author Michelle Nott, completed with illustrations by artist K. C. Snider. Suggested for young and guided readers aged between two and six years old, this delightful book of fun and games focuses on a sweet but temperamental central character, Amy the dragon. Being a dragon is great fun, but Amy sometimes gets out of control with her temper, and her eruptions are way more destructive than your average temper tantrum! In this adventure, Amy must keep her temper under control to try to win a prize at the Dragon Day Fun Fair. 

One of the foremost qualities that stand out in this lovely little book is the innovative idea to convey behavioral messages about temper tantrums in such an innovative and engaging way. Amy is an adorable little dragon that kids are sure to fall in love with, not least through the highly endearing and active illustrations of artist K. C. Snider, but also because she really doesn’t want her little flames to go out of control and destroy things. Amy’s persona is easy to relate to for both parents and their young readers, and the narrative provided by author Michelle Nott tells a fun and engaging story with plenty of hijinks, but also gently puts forward that message about self-control and understanding our feelings. What results is Dragon Amy’s Flames: a highly recommended read for any child who loves a fun-filled fantasy story, but especially those who need a little more help to understand their tempers.

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