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A Book to Take Your Imagination Outside

Sunday Rain by Rosie J. Pova and illustrated by Amariah Rauscher, published by Lantana Publishing Ltd. UK, available March 2, 2021.

If you're reading this blog, you probably love to get lost in a book and to follow the adventure at hand, or know a little one who does. For that reason, we can relate to the main character in this book.

In Sunday Rain, a little boy, who is new to the neighborhood, is enjoying his book during a storm. But when the rain stops, laughter invites him outside. With the courage of the princess who fought off the dragon, he uses his imagination to create a new adventure and new friendships along the way.

Imagine It!

On rainy or snowy days, when it's cozier to stay indoors, what stories do you like to escape into?

If you can't think of one in particular, what adventure would you love to have? Imagine where you would go, who and what you would bring, and how you would travel.

The young boy in the story needs a little nudge from his mother and his own courage to venture outside and meet the kids in the neighborhood. Imagine being the new kid in the neighborhood or at school, how could you meet the other children? Or, imagine a new kid moving into your neighborhood or school, how could you help them feel welcome?

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