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Bravery in Action and in Self

Auntie Uncle written by Ellie Royce and illustrated by Hannah Chambers, published by POW! Kids Books.

I could not let Pride Month go by without reviewing Auntie Uncle! I've been telling people about it ever since it released in 2020.

Ellie Royce tells a delightful story about not only accepting oneself and others, but celebrating whom we all are.

Uncle Leo and Auntie Lotta are one in the same person, but not usually at the same time. When the mayor wants to recognize Auntie Lotta for a heroic deed, they want all of their friends to attend the ceremony. But Uncle Leo's workweek friends and colleagues have never met Auntie Lotta's weekend friends and fellow drag queens. They worry about what all the friends may think of each other. So, who will attend and who will accept the award? Uncle Leo or Auntie Lotta? Their nephew has the perfect answer!

Hannah Chamber's colorful and playful illustrations perfectly invite readers into Auntie Uncle's world with fun, joy, and love... and lots of pride!

Imagine It!

Imagine all your different interests. They could be anything -- sports, art, music, math, writing stories, doing science experiments, hiking in nature...

Draw or describe how you look and feel participating in each of these interests.

Now, imagine how you would look and feel doing more than one of these at a time! Draw or describe how fun it would feel to combine as many interests as you'd like into one look.

I hope you feel proud to be every aspect of yourself that makes you especially you :)

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