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Each of us are Equally Unique and Amazing!

God Made You Too written by Chelsea Tornetto and illustrated by Kimberley Barnes, published by Worthy Kids.

This delightful rhyming picture book showcases all the amazing creations in the world, including YOU!

Chelsea Tornetto's engaging text invites young readers along to explore the universe and to feel a part of something huge.

"[...] the one who covered peeks with snow

to make this gorgeous view

created one more work of art.

That's right... he made YOU too!"

Lines like these emphasize to children how special they are, but also will encourage them to see how equally amazing everyone is.

The lively and vibrant illustrations by Kimberley Barnes surround readers in a colorful world while introducing them to a diverse community of children. The result creates a feeling of togetherness and awe in the beauty and vastness of the universe.

Imagine It!

One of the pages read:

"...the God who made billions of souls

each with great things to do

gave you a light that's meant to shine!

That's why he made YOU too!"

How cool is that!?

Imagine something (or many things) you do, or want to learn to do, really well.

Write a story or draw pictures of yourself doing your special talent. Then, add words or images to show how people react to what you are doing. Are they clapping? Laughing? Cheering? Smiling?

Imagine how you can make people feel.

Imagine how you can add beauty, friendship, peace, and so much more to the world.

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