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Helping Kids Weather All Types of Storms

A Flood of Kindness written by Ellen Leventhal and illustrated by Blythe Russo, published by WorthyKids/Hachette Book Group.

This suspenseful and endearing story about a storm that seemingly takes everything away reminds us, as Mr. Rogers is quoted as saying, to "look for the helpers."

A young girl and her family must evacuate their flooding home. And although the situation appears dire outside, safety is found in the shelter where more and more families arrive, but also more and more helpers.

Once the rain ceases and the clean-up efforts begin, the young protagonist gathers up the strength she has built during the storm to help in a heart-felt way.

Imagine it!

The main words in the title seem to provoke opposite feelings: Flood and Kindness. But put together, they create a wonderful image -- so much kindness that it floods around you!

Imagine new phrases you could create. Make two lists -- one of words that provoke something negative or scary and the other of words that provoke a positive or happy image. Play with different combinations to see if you can come up with a new phrase to describe something wonderful. For example: a STORM of LAUGHTER.

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